GFA Clients
GFA Clients

Detail from a bond issued by Rothschild for the 1922 6% loan to the Paris Orléans railway company, France (The Rothschild Archive).

  • Governments

    Rothschild’s long history of working with governments dates back to the origins of our firm more than 200 years ago. 

    We are widely regarded as the adviser who best understands the needs of governments and the benefits of a discreet, long-term relationship.

    Governments trust the high calibre of our advisory expertise and the impartiality and independence fostered by our pure advisory business model. We have been engaged by many government clients for assistance with a great variety of challenges.

    Rothschild was instrumental in the privatisation programmes of the 1980s in the United Kingdom, which were forerunners of a worldwide trend. Likewise, at the height of the recent global financial crisis, a significant number of governments turned to us for our expert and trusted advice on recapitalising and restructuring a range of stricken industries, including the banking sector in Europe and the automotive industry in the United States. 

    Rothschild also assists governments with financial divestments and complex auction processes. We advised the Government of India on its US$22.7 billion auction of 3G and BWA spectrum and, in Australia, we advised the Queensland Government on its US$17.6 billion Asset Sales Programme.


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