• Global coverage with local insight

    We integrate the local insight of our experts on-the-ground in 40 countries to build up a truly global perspective.

    Our teams include locally-hired experts and senior advisers, with extensive networks and deep experience of sourcing and executing transactions in their region.

    We are more closely connected with our core markets than any other global financial adviser. Local experience and connections, sector insight and experience are shared to give each transaction team a comprehensive perspective.

  • Leaders in cross-border transactions

    We are one of the world leaders in complex transactions that span different markets, where we can bring innovative solutions to the table and help navigate local regulatory and cultural differences.

    With a presence on the ground in 40 countries across the world. Our scale, reach and knowledge enables us to develop relationships and deliver effective solutions to support our clients wherever an opportunity lies.

  • Offices

  • Rothschild has advised on some of Africa's largest and most complex transactions. We are the adviser of choice to African companies, multinationals with an African presence and international investors entering the region. In addition, we have unparalleled experience in advising African Sovereigns on credit ratings and debt raisings, connecting Africa to international capital markets. Our coverage model combines the expertise and relationships of Rothschild's sector and product teams in Paris and London with the local insights and capabilities of Rothschild's team on-the-ground in Johannesburg. 




    Martin Kingston


    Luc Hanon


    Rothschild has exceptional market knowledge gained through over 40 years' experience in Australia. Our team, based full-time in the country, are supported by an alliance in New Zealand. Accessing our global network, we provide Australian clients with unparalleled access to local, Asian and global opportunities. We have a strong track record in advising on many of the region's landmark transactions, and in repeat business with major blue chip companies.


    Sydney, Melbourne


    Gareth Cope


    Marshall Baillieu


    Rothschild has a long-standing presence in Belgium; initiated by our work with the Belgian government in the early nineteenth century. We have maintained our relevance to the region and today have a fully dedicated team on-the-ground in Brussels, including mid-market specialists. Our dedicated team offers market-leading financial advisory services including advice on M&A and strategy, debt and equity financing, and restructuring, integrated with our global network of industry sector and product specialists.




    Frank Demoen


    Yves Vervaet


    Rothschild has an unrivalled depth of insight in the region, and a long history of activity dating back to the nineteenth century. We are actively involved in privatisations, regulatory policy, sovereign financing, inward investment and acting for local corporates in their international financing and expansion. We integrate the knowledge of our teams in Warsaw, Athens and Istanbul with a network of exclusive affiliates, and central resources in London, Paris and Stockholm.




    William Wells


    Poland Jacek Chwedoruk


    Turkey Luc Hanon


    Rothschild has direct access to the region's markets through our locally based teams, including senior Chinese bankers, supported by a partnership in South Korea. We command an in-depth knowledge of the region's economic development and the challenges facing its industries. We have developed an exceptional understanding of the local regulatory and market environment. Our team is skilled at bridging the cultural gaps that can exist between the managements of foreign and local companies, and are the leading adviser to Chinese companies investing in Europe.


    Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai


    Jennifer Yu



    Rothschild is the unrivalled leader in financial advisory in France. We are consistently the market's most active adviser and have the largest team of advisers in the country, giving us the deepest market knowledge. Our senior bankers hold long-standing connections with a wide range of large and medium-sized companies as well as many private equity houses and family-owned companies. Our specialist teams in Paris are leaders in financing advisory and sovereign advisory, and leverage Rothschild's global network to advise clients across the globe.




    Grégoire Chertok


    We have one of the largest and most experienced teams of financial advisers in Germany, with dedicated specialists covering all our services. We advise on many of the largest and most high-profile transactions and are regularly the most active adviser in Germany. This means we can share with our clients an in-depth knowledge of local market dynamics. This is further supported by high-level access from our panel of senior advisers. 

    Our team on-the-ground in Zurich connects Swiss companies with both local and international opportunities, providing access to our global network of sector and capital markets specialists and leveraging the 50 years' experience and connections of our Private Wealth & Asset Management in Switzerland.  


    Frankfurt, Zurich


    Martin Reitz

    Switzerland  Vincent Thiébaud

    Rothschild stands apart from other advisers in India in that senior bankers, based in Mumbai, lead each assignment from start to finish, and bring to our clients a wealth of experience advising corporates and the government. Our global coverage allows clients to leverage Rothschild's network, connecting Indian clients with overseas assets, investors and sources of finance. We possess an in-depth understanding of India's regulatory and market environment. As a family-controlled company we understand how India's successful family businesses operate and the challenges they face. 




    Amitabh Malhotra


    Chandresh Ruparel


    Rothschild in Israel is able to provide a highly informed perspective on the country's market to our clients, through our fully-staffed office in Tel Aviv and supported by the expertise and connections of our senior staff.  We share this insight with Israeli companies on domestic and cross-border M&A, equity and debt transactions. We also leverage our global network to advise international clients looking to invest in Israeli assets.   




    Doron Gurevitz


    Rothschild has a highly informed perspective on Italian markets, with one of the largest advisory teams in the country and a wealth of local experience, supported by high-level access through our senior advisers. We have been on-the-ground in Milan for over 20 years and in this time we have built long-lasting, trusted relationships with many leading corporations and government agencies of any size.




    Alessandro Daffina


    Rothschild & Co has a deep understanding of Japanese markets. Our team on-the-ground in Tokyo has a balance of senior Japanese and foreign professionals, bringing significant investment banking experience and strong relationships with the country's key market participants. We offer Japanese clients with our full advisory offering, working in collaboration with our global network of sector and financing specialists. We have particular expertise in cross-border M&A, both out- and in-bound, with an unrivalled ability to bring together Japanese firms and global players. 




    Keiichi Mitake


    Jerome Finck


  • othschild has deep local experience in Latin America and dedicated regional coverage through local professionals in Brazil and Mexico, supported by an affiliate in Chile. Over time we have built trusted, long-term relationships with many Latin American companies and hold a solid track record of repeat business. We are a leading adviser, with an exceptional deal flow across a wide range of industries. We are involved in most of the large advisory situations in the region, both local and cross-border.

    São Paulo, Mexico City


    Luiz Muniz


    Mexico Daniel Nicolaievsky 

    Rothschild has one of the largest teams of internationally trained, experienced bankers based locally in the region, including Middle Eastern nationals. Through the team's combined specialisms we provide Middle Eastern clients with the full range of advisory services, supported by Rothschild's extensive global network. We have worked on many of the region's most complex, innovative and prestigious transactions. Rothschild's continuous family control, and our leading position in government advisory, give us a unique position in a market where government initiatives, sovereign wealth and successful family businesses are integral to local economies.  


    Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha


    Edoardo Fassati


    Rothschild has a long-standing presence in the Netherlands and has developed a strong reputation as a trusted, independent financial adviser. The dedicated team, based in London, is integrated with our global network of industry sector and product specialists, ensuring that Rothschild's collective intellectual capital is available to clients in the region. We have a strong track record in the Netherlands and have advised on some of the country's largest and most successful transactions. 


    Bastiaan Vaandrager


    Sander Griffejoen


    Rothschild has real-time insight into Nordic markets through our experienced Stockholm-based local team, which is supported by high-profile senior advisers and our global network of sector specialists. We have built relationships with many high-profile Nordic companies, as well as the region's private equity houses, and its governments. Local clients have access to our full range of financial advisory services and we advise on many of the region's largest and most complex transactions. 




    Per-Olov Bergström


    Rothschild combines the knowledge of its global network with the deep experience and strong connections of our North American senior bankers, who remain the lead on every transaction from start to finish. We are recognised as leaders in restructuring advice and execution and have advised on many of the region's most high-profile and transformative assignments. We also hold an exceptional track record in large and mid-size cross-border M&A, and are seeing strong growth in our US domestic deal flow, leveraging our strength in several key sectors. 


    New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto


    Jimmy Neissa


      Nick Hooper


    Rothschild was the first international financial advisory firm to open a local office in Portugal. This local presence has helped us to build an in-depth understanding of the country's regulatory and market environment, as well as excellent relationships with key local businesses and entrepreneurs, and the local financial community. Through this local insight and the intellectual capital of our global network, we have advised on many of Portugal's landmark corporate transactions, both domestic and cross-border.




    Anthony Bird


    Rothschild has had an on-the-ground presence in Russia for over a decade. Our Moscow team offers local clients the full range of our advisory services and holds an in-depth understanding of local and regional dynamics, and unparalleled high-level and government access supported by our senior advisers. Wider regional coverage is supported by a long-standing partnership in Ukraine. This deep experience of Russian markets has resulted in, and is supported by, our track record in advising on many of the country's largest, most complex, and precedent-setting transactions.




    Giovanni Salvetti


    Rothschild has more than 40 years' experience in South East Asia. We are present today in five countries across the region, giving our clients unparalleled access to local business networks. Our senior bankers across the region possess a wealth of experience across the breadth of our advisory offering. Through close dialogue with sector specialists locally and across the globe, they provide trusted advice on inbound, outbound, regional and local situations, to South East Asian corporations of all sizes, to leading investment houses, and to overseas investors.


    Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur


    Claire Suddens-Spiers


    Rothschild has deep experience in Spain, with one of the largest teams of advisory bankers in the country and the combined insight and connections of senior bankers and senior advisers across a range of sector and product specialisms. We have built long-standing relationships with the country's key local decision makers and advise on many of the country's landmark transactions across the corporate finance spectrum.




    Iñigo Paneda


    No other adviser has deeper insight or breadth of connections in the UK than Rothschild. We have the largest team of advisory bankers and are consistently the country's most active financial adviser. We hold long-standing relationships with both large and medium-sized UK companies, public and private. Our London office is one of our key global hubs for cross-border activity, pooling sector and financing expertise from across the world. Rothschild is the only global advisory firm to have UK offices outside of London offering the full range of financial advice. 




    Robert Leitão


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