• Our active/conviction management has been in our DNA from the beginning. We deliver an independent perspective for long-term performance.

  • We have teams in both France (Paris, Marseille) and New York. Both teams share a passion for investing, but have a distinct and complementary investment approach.

  • US-based Active Management Expertise

    Our active management expertise, developed in the US, includes large-cap, small and mid-cap and balanced strategies. We look to provide superior performance while controlling risk. Our seasoned teams of investment professionals use a disciplined investment philosophy and an integrated process focused on fundamentals. 


    Europe-based Conviction Management Expertise

    Developed in Europe, our conviction asset management expertise covers a large range of strategies, including European equities, large small and mid-cap, thematic as well as fixed income and balanced funds. 

    Our investment style is characterised by a long-term, high-conviction approach, which is reflected by taking strong positions in certain securities, sectors and thematic areas.

  • Our teams

    We employ more than 70 talented professionals in Europe, including financial analysts, economists, strategists and portfolio managers, based in Paris and Marseille.

    The management teams bring together some of the most respected professionals in the business. They work together, sharing knowledge and expertise with the sole aim of meeting the long-term interests of their clients.

    The teams are organized by area of expertise: equities, fixed income and diversified management.

  • News and publications

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    Perspective – January 2018

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