• An independent long-term perspective in innovative investment solutions, designed around the needs of each and every client.

  • Rothschild Asset Management division offers the independent long-term perspective in bespoke asset management solutions, designed around the needs of each and every client.

    We are a global multi-specialist asset manager delivering bespoke investment management and advisory services to institutional clients, financial intermediaries, and third party distributors.

    Complementary expertise

    Our complementary fields of expertise include:  Active/conviction management, Open architecture solutions and Risk-based solutions.

    Resolutely client-first, we know that consistent performance can only be realised in the long-term.

    While other asset managers are involved in proprietary trading and brokerage activities, we are truly independent in our security selections. This way, we can pursue long-term strategies that are free from conflict of interest and build truly lasting partnerships with our clients.

  • Active / Conviction Management

    Based on fundamental analysis and a rigorous investment process, our active/conviction management activities are carried out by Rothschild Asset Management in Paris and in New York.

    Open-Architecture Investment Solutions

    Our Open-Architecture and Alternative Investment Solutions give us the freedom to recommend funds that meet each client's best interests, even if they aren't proprietary products.

    Our open-architecture asset allocation combines top-down and bottom-up approaches. Our alternative open-architecture offer benefits from two dedicated second highly experienced management team. 

    Risk-Based Investment Solutions

    Rothschild Risk Based Investments LLC (“RRBI LLC”) provides transparent, consistent and risk-based solutions, in a range of single and multi-asset classes including equity and fixed income. RRBI LLC aims to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns reducing significantly the volatility and the maximum drawdown compared with traditional market-capitalization weighted portfolios.