Detail from the Rothschild family shield
Detail from the Rothschild family shield

Detail from the Rothschild family shield. Beneath the shield is the family motto, 'Concordia, Integritas, Industria'
(The Rothschild Archive).

  • Asset finance

    Rothschild’s banking activities include Five Arrows Leasing Group, which provides a range of specialist asset financing facilities to UK companies.

    Specific niche markets include print finance, broadcast, asset-based lending and leasing vehicles to local authorities.

    Five Arrows Leasing Group is a diverse group of companies, offering distinct products and services, designed to add value to our clients.

    These include:

    • Dash Commercial Finance
    • Five Arrows Business Finance
    • Fineline Media Finance
    • Five Arrows Leasing
    • Five Arrows Outsourcing Solutions
    • Specialist Fleet Services


    Find out more about Five Arrows Leasing Group.


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